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Applying for a hard money loan is a simple process but you need to comply with a series of requirements. If you already know how the hard money program works and you have everything you need, complete this hard money application and wait our response!


These are the items we will need to issue an approval letter: (the days of hard money lending based solely on the value of the property are long gone. The government has outlawed such programs).

  • Last tax return
  • Paystubs, if you have them
  • W2, or 1099’s
  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of bank statement (401k statement, stock account) proving that you have enough for the down payment and the closing costs.


Please fill out our miniature loan application below and upload the things that we need. If you need your approval letter right now, Call us at +1-702-214-4700

After we have spoken to you, and after we have the things we need (1 Tax return, 2 paystubs, 2 bank statements, 1 copy of id), We will send you an approval letter that you can take to your realtor or submit with you offer. Many times we will send an approval letter without everything so call us! (+1-702-214-4700)

Once we do get those items, we will work hard and fast on your file, and then you will have to come in to sign your first set of documents. Federal law says that 7 days later, you can have your money. If it is an emergency, federal law says that you can sign a waiver of your rights, but those waivers are only for bona-fide emergencies.

Lending in Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, Commercial loans in 35 states

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