Our Hard Money Programs

If you think you need a hard money loan, but you aren’t positive, then call us, because we won’t just stick you into a hard money loan, we’ll figure out the best loan you qualify for.

If you are hoping you can get something better than hard money, then call us, because we’ve got all of the loan programs, but our hard money and soft money loan programs are pretty fantastic.

People say that we do the impossible…

And they are right! 

  • We close the most hard money loans in Nevada, and lots of loans in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico.
  • We close the fastest hard money loans.
  • We have real private investors that think outside the box.
  • We have low interest rates and high interest rates.
  • We lend on land and we lend on high rises.
  • We have it all: Hard Money, Private Money, Soft Money.
  • We make it happen – we’ve even done loans overnight, many, many times
So call us at 702-214-4700 – the phone always rings to a person, unless it is not working right.  It rings to the staff on the weekend.

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Years In Las


Years Lending
Hard Money

Lowest Foreclosure Rate, Lowest Delinquency Rate.
But, Most of All – We Are Licensed!


Important Point to Remember!

Always ask your lender for a copy of their license. You would be amazed how many lenders operate unlicensed, under the radar operations, and if they take your money, or don’t deliver the funds to the closing table, you can turn in a complaint to the Mortgage Lending Division, but if you’ve paid them, you probably won’t get your money back.

SOFT MONEY – 5.5% to 9.0%

  • Institutional Product – NOT funded by private investors
  • Owner Occupied and Investor Properties
    Not easy to qualify for $150,000 minimum loan
  • Minimum of 650 credit score
  • 65% Max LTV – based on score
  • Rate starts at 5.5% to 7.5%, but that is usually NOT what you get.
  • Qualifying is harder than hard money, of course, and if you did a strategic default on your mortgages, you will not qualify.


  • All Property Types
  • All Occupancy Types: Owner Occupied, 2nd Home,Investment Property, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Anything
  • Even Land Rates are typically 11.9-13.9%, but we’ve even done 8% on hard money for a really low LTV and good credit
  • No Hassle
  • Easy Qualifying
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Minimum Loan of $10,000