Capella Mortgage does hard money loans
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Capella Mortgage is not doing consumer purpose loans, however, we still do investment property loans


We love commercial lending in all of its forms: construction through rate and term refinance


Just plain raw land? YES! Broken priority land? YES! Land Development Loans? YES! Paper lots? YES!


Hemp, Farms, and other loans approved on a case by case basis.


Probably yes. We been there and done that and been paid back in full.


Yup, youve got to live somewhere, right? Even if it is airBnB, we are happy to lend on it.

Who We Are

Our staff are dedicated to fast and easy

The people who work at Capella Mortgage strive to make your loan journey as easy and painless as possible - from the loan officer who takes your application to the post closer who makes sure you have your payment coupons, we put the customer first and as long as you get us what we need, when we need it, we will close your loan on time.

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We have a team of highly talented people.

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Fastest Money – No Exceptions People say we can do the impossible…and they’re right! When traditional lenders say no, come talk to us! By CORINNE CORDON People say that we can do the impossible…And they are right!We close a LOT of hard money loans each month.  We close the fastest hard money loans. We have real private …

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Hard Money Meets Soft Money

Hard Money Meets Soft Money In the world of Private Lending there is a middle ground between Hard Money and Conventional loans…Soft Money! By CORINNE CORDON Soft Money, or AltQM or NonQM, is between hard money and FHA/Conventional loans. But what’s the real truth about soft money loans? They are less expensive than hard money …

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Is Hard Money Too Expensive?

Is Hard Money Too Expensive? When you remove all of the extra fees, junk charges, and extra points that are typically added to Conventional loans…maybe not By CORINNE CORDON Well, let’s think about it for a minute. First of all, there is no private mortgage insurance with hard money. There isn’t any upfront MIP either, …

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For support please send an email to NMLS # 372157 Equal Housing Lender Licensed in Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and other states for commercial as per state statute