Capella Mortgage Testimonials

It would be easy for us to tell you about all the great loans and amazing projects we’ve been apart of over the years. But the best testimonial comes from a Borrower who has worked with us. We have hundreds of satisfied Borrowers and Investors that we’ve had the privilege of working with, and some of them were kind enough to share their experiences with you.

“We were turned down by another lender just before we were supposed to close on our house. They said we had to get hard money because we had a foreclosure that showed up on our credit report at the last minute.

We found Corinne online and when we called she had us come in immediately. They did everything right then, even did the loan documents, and then all we had to do was wire our money.We were lucky that we found her because the seller wanted to cancel our deal and take the backup offer. Now we have a beautiful house at a really good price.”

R. Hernandez
Las Vegas, NV

“Capella has been incredible to work with both as a borrower and an investor. I have taken more than 4 loans with Capella and they have been professional and ethical the entire time. I have invested in more than 20 loans with Capella and continue to do so. They always are 100% transparent and honest and look out for their investors. Corinne is an honest, professional business person who aligns her interests with her investors’. She has a tremendous track record of success with me and I will continue to work with her in the future.”

J. Reilly
Henderson, NV

“In my experience with Corinne, she is always trying to do the right thing as she sees it, for both borrowers and investors. As an investor, many, many times I have seen her bend over backwards to find a way to help a borrower get funding to buy a property. She is always adjusting to the marketplace, as she must, and she very frequently requests investor feedback on what approaches will work for them, and ultimately for borrowers as well. In my personal experience of over 3 years, Corinne has always been professional, personable and friendly in her interactions.”

Los Angeles, CA

“My experience with Capella Mortgage has been excellent and Corinne Cordon is very professional and helpful with all of my clients. I have been doing business with Capella Mortgage for a few years now and I have never had a problem with any of my clients or with myself.

I highly recommend buyers that need a loan to use their services. They have helped many of my clients and my clients are very grateful to be able to obtain their home because of Capella Mortgage.”

P. Covarubbias
Las Vegas, NV

“I find Corinne to be hard working, responsible, and caring. Having been an investor for several years, I’ve seen her wear many hats: spiritual counselor, teacher, financial counselor, and friend. She is always trustworthy and professional.”

L. Ness
St. George, UT

My name is F. Calderon, I’m a top producer Real Estate Professional in Las Vegas. I first approached Corinne in late 2008, to help my buyer, who was an investor from Mexico City, get an investor’s loan. The loan closed in less than a week, and she personally went to the home to inspect it and she was on top of the escrow company, she handled very professionally this transaction.

Throughout the years I kept on using her company and until this day I still do. She has done loans for my clients and for me personally, as I am a Real Estate Investor too. When I come across a good investment opportunity, she is the first person I think to close the deal with.

F. Calderon
Las Vegas, NV


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