Matthew Dale, Co-Owner & Broker

Matthew Dale has been involved in the mortgage industry and Capella Mortgage since he was 16 years old, with one brief stint at Ride Now Motorsports for three months.

He is now the broker and co-owner of Capella Mortgage with Corinne Cordon. He underwrites all hard money loans after the staff have collected and input all the data into the computer. He is responsible for pricing all the loans and is the primary loan officer for Capella Mortgage.

Matthew also manages the entire investor portfolio of over 1000 investors. Capella Mortgage will always provide all their customers with full sets of disclosures – even on commercial loans – as the state of Nevada statutes require this. Matt loves to play golf, drive race cars, and work on his fleet of cars.

3765 E. Sunset #B9
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone (702) 214-4700
Fax (888) 782-3101
Broker license #456
NMLS # 372157, Corinne Cordon, Broker