Fastest Money – No Exceptions

Fastest Money – No Exceptions

People say we can do the impossible…and they’re right!

When traditional lenders say no, come talk to us!

Corinne Cordon - Owner, CEO & Broker at Capella Mortgage


People say that we can do the impossible…
And they are right!
We close a LOT of hard money loans each month.  
We close the fastest hard money loans. 
We have real private investors that think outside the box.
We have it all: Hard Money, Private Money, Soft Money.
But most of all, we make it happen, (we’ve even done loans overnight, many, many times)
In Las Vegas for 33 years
Lending Hard Money for 18 years
Lowest Foreclosure Rate
Lowest Delinquency Rate
But, Most of All –
We Are Licensed!

Proudly Serving: Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, & Colorado – NMLS #372157

Call Capella Mortgage today! (702) 214-4700


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